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Welcome to New Jolly Studio

La New Jolly Studio, is a company founded in 1973 thanks to the technical, entrepreneurial and creative skills of Umberto Pistone. Pistone’s experience includes over forty years of working in the apparel industry. New Jolly Studio produces and distributes professional clothing and accessories for several types of industry, with particular attention to the needs of spas, salons, and medical offices. In the development of uniforms and clothing we pay special attention to durability requirements specific to each particular application, as well as stylistic trends in the industry. Read about our history or have a look at our catalog.

New Jolly Studio: technical garments with an unique style. Here's our catalog


New Jolly Studio’s primary objective is customer satisfaction. Clothing can be customized to meet each clients needs. Alterations, are not tailored, but are limited to the replacement of buttons or other small adaptations .


We customize merchandise with logos and graphics, either by printing or embroidery. If is necessary we can also work with clients to develop personalized logos and graphics.


Our aim is to know that our clients are not only proud to use our products, but are also sure that they feel comfortable knowing that they have made the best informed choices regarding their specific needs. Through conferences with national distribution groups we can give you access to a broad range of products helping to diversify your look, separating you from your competition

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